Evaporative System Repairs & Replacement:

Is your evaporative air conditioner on the blink? We’ll get it back on track. Our dedicated service team are Perth’s cooling specialists in maintenance, service and repair jobs. Having a dedicated service team means getting your evaporative cooler repaired by experienced technicians who deal with this every day. This is important, because your cooling system is no good to you until it’s working again.

We are prompt, especially on those 35+ degree days when you need your air conditioner more than ever. We are also very affordable and only use genuine manufacturer spare parts which give you the peace of mind your parts are not only suited for your system, but come with a manufacturer warranty. We service & repair all brands of evaporative systems and carry a wide range of spare parts in our vans so any repairs that may be needed can be done on the spot without the hassle of a return visit.

If your evaporative system is beyond repair, or the repairs are adding up year after year, why not replace the system with a brand new evaporative system? You can keep all your ducting in the roof space (as this will usually last for 15+ years) and even keep your metal dropper and flashing if it is in good condition and if no rust is affecting it. We will just remove the old unit and install the brand new system right in its place, and the best part is that you get a full 5 Year Full Comprehensive Manufactures Warranty. That means no more untimely repairs for 5 years! With more efficient technology, better cooling capacity and improved controllers, your new evaporative system will give you cooling satisfaction like you have never experienced.

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