Fully Ducted Evaporative Air Conditioning System

If you have just built a new home or have no air conditioning in your current home and are looking for the most economical form of whole of home cooling, then Evaporative Air Conditioning is the ideal choice.

Evaporative air conditioners are:

  • Affordable – half the price of ducted reverse cycle air conditioners
  • Reliable
  • Long lasting
  • Have a very low running cost
  • Are ideally suited to Perth’s dry climate

Alltemp Solutions are the Evaporative Air Conditioning experts and have grown to become one of the most sought after cooling & heating companies in Perth. We pride ourselves on our expertise, which is why we do not just sell air conditioners; we provide informed advice, good old fashioned service and we work closely with you to assist in choosing the best solution for your home.

We pride ourselves on using only the best, trusted brands in the industry and because of that we know that we are providing you with the best possible product for your home. Besides a high-quality unit, we only use top-quality materials and tools to install the system in your home. Working neatly, our teams carefully ensure that no mess is left behind and nothing in your home is damaged.

We can offer the whole customer experience package:

  • Design
  • Quotation
  • Installation Scheduling
  • Installation
  • After Sales Service

You also get to deal directly with the one Alltemp Solutions employee from start to finish, no getting transferred from department to department. With over 13 years experience in the airconditioning industry, you can rely on Alltemp Solutions to provide you with a top quality, personally designed and professionally installed Evaporative system.

Wood Fire Installations & Sales

Are you looking to heat your home but don’t like the dryness and expensive running costs of Reverse Cycle Heating, or the dangerous toxins from the use of a portable gas heater? Why not install a Freestanding or Inbuilt Wood Heater! We have seen a huge increase in the return of the humble wood heater as electricity & gas prices have soared in the past 6 years.

Wood Heating is a very powerful source of heating, with some even able to heat your whole home given the right conditions. Wood Heating is humidity neutral, which means it does not dry the air out or wet the air to make it more humid. This is very helpful to people with breathing difficulties. Spare Parts are also very affordable compared to Reverse Cycle & Gas systems, and a flue clean every few years keeps the fire in tip top condition.

Wood Fire heating not only provides you with amazing heat, it also gives your home a warm ambience. There is always something very attractive about fire, and you’ll find many people gathering around your wood fire enjoying the flickering & mesmerizing flames with a drink in hand.

So if you are feeling those winter chills and would like to know more about Wood Fire heating then give Alltemp Solutions a call or email and we can arrange a free onsite quotation. Alltemp Solutions have access to many brands which includes Regency, Masport, Jotul, Morso, Jarrahdale, Invicta, and Saxon

Reverse Cycle Ducted & Wall Mounted Airconditioning

Would you like whole of home, temperature controlled cooling & heating, no matter what the temperature is outside? If so, then we can help!

We specialize in supplying LG Inverter airconditioners which are one of the most efficient and powerful systems on the market. We can design your system to your household demands, regardless of the time of day or season. We can zone the house to separate areas which may not need to be airconditioned, therefore saving you on wasted running costs and keeping the areas cool or warm where it’s needed most.

If you are on a budget, don’t require the whole house to be airconditioned or would like to have a back up to your evaporative airconditioner on those humid days and heating for the winter evenings, then Reverse Cycle Wall Mounted airconditioners are your ideal solution.

These systems can be easily installed into most rooms in the house, and are a quiet and efficient way of cooling/heating your house. Alltemp Solutions offer LG Inverter & Haier Inverter systems. Both are very efficient and quiet and come with a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty for peace of mind.

Contact us at Alltemp Solutions for a free quote on your airconditioning needs!

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