Wood Heating

Why Buy a Wood Fire?

Wood is a carbon neutral product. Unlike other fuels, burning wood generates no more carbon dioxide (CO2) than if it was left to decompose naturally. A wood fire is an energy efficient way of heating as they are designed to heat your entire house. A wood fire is also a multi-purpose fire. Apart from being your primary heat source it can be used in line with a heat transfer/ventilation system. It is a smart and cost effective method and running a wood fire is one of the cheapest forms of heating. Wood is a renewable energy source, therefore making it a sound environmental choice.

Whatever your heating requirement there’s a range of models and options to choose from. Environmentally Friendly Wood Fires Product researchers and developers have been working hard on addressing environmental issues for over a decade. Today’s combustion systems meet even the most stringent world standards. Simply put, burning wood is a sound environmental choice because unlike other fuels burning wood generates no more carbon dioxide than if it were left on the forest floor to rot. What’s more, good forest management and regular replanting would ensure that our atmosphere is continually washed of carbon dioxide, while pruning and factory off cuts could provide an ample fuel supply for the entire country. With wood you know you are playing your part in protecting the planet.

We install Wood Heating units from the following brands

Masport Heating

Superior build quality, extensive research and development, rigorous quality control and a guarantee of workmanship are values that are synonymous with Masport Heating and unrivalled by any other manufacturer

Regency Fire

The Regency Fireplace line is the perfect complement to today’s decorating trends for clean and modern living spaces. Regency designers have maintained all of the values of a traditional Regency including quality construction and reliable direct vent gas home heating


If you are contemplating choosing a Morsø you’ll have fallen for Morsø’s timeless look. You’ll have fallen in love with cast iron’s unique properties. And you’ll be convinced by our stoves’ obvious plus points in terms of the environment.


Invicta is a leader in the European market. Its Post-Combustion Technology has positioned them as an innovator in the industry. It’s radiant wood heaters are more than just efficient heating solutions. Their beautiful designs add a distinct designer touch to any interior.


Jotul’s products bridges the past and present and integrate with the architectural qualities of modern living spaces. They feature Norwegian craftsmanship and functional design with both immediate appeal and design qualities that stands apart from short-lived trends


Nectre heaters are proudly designed and manufactured in Australia to suit all residential and commercial needs from our traditional range through to the more contemporary models to suit townhouse or apartment living.

Gas Heating

Flames have warmed and mesmerised humans for centuries. Modern gas space heaters are thermostatically controlled, efficient, safe and easy to use. Gas fires provide ambience and warmth without any mess or stress.

We install Gas Heating units from the following brands


Escea combines high tech and energy efficiency with sleek design. Whether indoor or outdoor these gas log fires give you a range of heaters suitable for any situation.

Regency Fire

Add modern expression to any living space with today’s sleek, linear styling featuring seamless design and beautiful wide angle flames set on a coastal driftwood log fire.

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